The Redondo in Party

Adega do Redondo recently organized two wine moments - WineTalks and Wine Fest - with the support of the Municipality and the Redondo Parish, and the participation of other wineries in the region.

The oldest register belonging to the municipal estate of the Municipal Archive of Redondo dates from 1365 (a parchment of accountability that also counted vineyards and seaweed). One hundred and fifty later, after D. Manuel allocated the village of Redondo, the wine was already an important economic activity. Since then, the importance of wine and vineyard culture has gained extreme importance in the municipality, a tradition that endures and is recalled, whenever possible, through events that enhance and value this memory.

It is not surprising that Wine Talks and Wine Fest have been a success, bringing together local entities with the local community and wineries who have shared conversations about wine. The program began with a presentation of rosé wines (from herdade de São Miguel, Casa de Sabicos and Courelas da Torre) by the respective winemakers. It was also at that time that the tasting of regional products and dishes began, which stretched throughout the dinner (Cheeses, sausages, dogsoup and pork cheeks in red wine and, in the end, the famous Sericá as dessert).

Later, the main Wine Talk was present Francisco Mateus (from the Alentejo Regional Wine Commission); António Saramago and Rui Falé (winemakers of courelas da Torre / Monte amarelo) and Nuno Pinheiro de Almeida (Director of Adega do Redondo) who talked about the past, present and future of the region's wines, the role of cooperatives in alentejo, as well as the importance of sustainability in the wine business.

From left to dirt: António Saramago; Nuno Pinheiro de Almeida, Francisco Mateus and Rui Falé.
Below, some of the producers present, accompanied by the President of the Municipality of Redondo, David Galego.

During dinner, wines from the region were also served, including the white Freixo Reserva, Monte Amarelo and Calhameiro), the red ségurEstate Red from Talha Grande Escolha, the Adega do Redondo Redondo - AR Reserva, and Mr. Doctor Reserva. To finish, already with dessert, the Red Liqueur of Biomanelicos.

The night of wines and harmonizations was also punctuated by a beautiful musical performance by the duo Helena Brita (voice) & Xavier de Sousa (guitar).