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Three decades making good wine

It's been thirty years since Mário Sérgio, from Quinta das Bágeiras, in Bairrada, launched his wine project. He is currently one of the leading producers in Portugal.

When Mário Sérgio began his wine project in 1989 at Fogueira, Bairrada, never imagined achieve the success it has today. Son and grandson of Bairradinos winegrowers, Mario always saw them working on the vineyard and producing wine. That's not why a novelty, the boy knew well what was going, the sacrifices that this life entails, but also the passion for wine and the desire to do well.    

Fausto, his paternal grandfather, and father Abel were the main supporters of Mário Sérgio, who started with 12 hectares of vines, whose grapes produced wine after selling in bulk to several basements in the region.  With Mário Sérgio thus is born a new wine stage in the family, a new way of seeing the wine that began with the bottling with its own brand.

The first harvest launched was a red from 1987

His conviction was simple, Mario wanted his wines, family wines, to be made through traditional methods, but always taking advantage of the new knowledge of viticulture and oenology of modern times. Here, all your grapes are harvested by hand, reds are made in mills without added yeasts, and the do not have residual sugar, for example. A bet on quality and identity of the wines it produces, which makes it a real 'Vigneron', as likes to be known.

The concept of family is also well rooted here. In a way of honoring Abel Nuno, Mário's father, a white wine and another red were created, wines with character that impress by the strong and full structure. Grandfather Fausto could not be forgotten, and of him also came inspiration to make a white and a red full of personality, but more elegant and fresh, with lower alcohol content, the way he liked it. The wines are signed by Rui Moura Alves, winemaker and family friend, and a reference in the Bairrada region. He was the one who accompanied the project from the beginning and still continues today, being one of the men who best knows the potential of the vineyards of the region.

Mário Sérgio, (right), with winemaker Rui Moura Alves

Thirty years later from the beginning of this story, Mário Sérgio may well be proud of the work Held. Today accumulates 28 hectares in the Area of Fogueira, betting on varieties as traditional as Maria Gomes and Bical (in white); and Berry (in paints), which give rise to wines of character, which express their origin, have good ageing aptitude and, somehow, are irreverent. Your wines are recognised and awarded in national and international competitions. A producer who does not follow fashions, since 'what matters is doing well'.