Two touch-up reds

Winemakers Jorge Alves and Celso Pereira joined in 1999 to found the Quanta Terra, a project driven by the awareness that the character of the wine is determined by the terroir where it is produced. Together, they started production of higher quality wines. Thus was born this project on the plateau of Alijó, in the Douro Superior, at 650 meters of altitude and with transition soils between shale and granite, the right terroir to produce fresher wines, with greater acidity.

Recently, I took a very interesting test that encompassed Quanta terra Grande Reserva Branco 2017, the Quanta Terra Grande Reserva Red 2015, the Quanta Earth Manifesto red 2015 and the Quanta Terra Full Red 2008. If of these new harvests launched, the first two (Quanta Terra Grande Reserva white and red) are already wines of respect, with good complexity and acidity, the two others (Manisfesto and Whole) stand out even more, two tops of which range. The Manifesto is fleshy, bulky, sophisticated and already has the most elegant, and can be drunk already. The second is more concentrated, tanninous, a great wine of great structure. It is often said that in these cases, it is necessary to wait for the wine a few more years, so that it becomes softer. But I risk say that with the right food (like a roast goat in the oven with onion and garlic, drizzled olive oil) the thing is already resolved and we remove from this combination a beautiful pleasure. After all, salty and more structured food can take wines with more 'aggressive' tannins, acting as neutralizing and therefore making them richer and softer. So take a chance and snack.