United Wine Women

A group of wine producers and winemakers have come together to promote solidarity actions and help those who need it most

With the female being increasingly out in the world of wine, it is not surprising that more and more movements emerge by women with claws. This time, in the name of solidarity. In November 2018, Telmo Alves (center, pictured above) of Oeno-Tech - a company representing in Portugal the tanoaria Seguin Moreau and the manufacturers of stoppers Piedade and Diam - invited 22 women from the wine sector for a study visit to the Bordeaux region , in France. The organization of the trip, in charge of Seguin Moreau, was intended to show the operation of the company, and also visit some of the most prestigious French châteaux, its customers. However, one of the participants of the trip, Rita Soares, producer of The Estate of Malhadinha (Alentejo) ended up challenging the group for much more: "We are all passionate about wine. As I do not believe in coincidences and I think nothing happens by chance, this empathy among all after this visit to the châteaux led me to challenge them to join punctually to share our experiences, taste the wines of each of us, of regions so different and, more importantly, take advantage of our synergies to support solidarity causes," explains Rita Soares.

Thus, a first event was held in March at the Herdade da Malhadinha, where each member of United Wine Women placed a state-of-the-art wine in a basket (in total with 22 bottles) that was drawn in June. Everybody won. The winner of the award-winning password, who collected a bottle of respect; o Refuge Aboim Ascenção, in Faro, institution of needy children who received revenue from the sale of the raffles; and the United Wine Women who were able to help.  "Deep down, this is what we come together to share experiences, to grow together and support those who need it most," summarizes the producer. On the agenda are already being scheduled some solidarity dinners, and new actions will be considered that will be released shortly on the United Wine Women Facebook page.

About women being gaining greater visibility in the most diverse areas and also in the world of wine, Rita Soares says: "Women have a huge sensitivity and ability to deliver, dedication and passion in everything she does. Nowadays she manages to have a remarkable career and at the same time being a supermother and super-woman.  Today we are more practical, pragmatic and with a much more objective vision of the future."

In addition to Rita Soares, from the group United Wine Women are also part Ana Rola (Quinta de Remostias), Antonina Barbosa and Donzília Copeto (João Portugal Ramos); Catarina Penelas (Quinta do Vallado); Catarina Vieira (Herdade do Rocim); Cátia Barbeta (Quinta do Crasto); Filipa Pizarro (PR Services of Oenology); Francisca Vanzeller and Joana Pinhão (Quinta Vale D. Maria); Ivone Ribeiro (Garage Wines); Joana Silva Lopes (Quinta do Casal Branco); Lígia Santos (Crosspaths); Mafalda Vasques (Herdade of the Grous); Maria Serpa Pimentel (Quinta da Pacheca); Martta Simões (Quinta da Alorna); Patricia Peixoto (Casa Santa Vitória); Rita Marques (Wine Concept); Sandra Alves (Herdade do Sporão); Sandra Tavares (Wine & Soul); Sofia Prazeres (Quinta de São José) and Susana Esteban (Susana Esteban).