Unveil recipes 'À Portuguesa'

The writer and gastronomic researcher Virgílio Gomes recently released a book that makes known elaborate recipes 'À Portuguesa', between the period of 1604 and 1900. A fundamental work for the understanding of this denomination abroad.  

It is not today that Virgílio Gomes presented us with works that mark the difference in the national gastronomic panorama. This time, his new book 'À Portuguesa – Receitas em Livros Estrangeiros até 1900' makes known a work he has done in 6 long years, an in-depth research in countless books that revealed how foreign cooks from other times interpreted our country. And it is not surprising that it took so long, after all, from 1900 the gastronomic prescription is much larger and diffuse than in previous centuries.

Thus, after careful research over the years, Virgílio Gomes based his work on 31 works by foreign cooks, from which he withdrew 118 recipes (37 of salty and 81 of sweets) explaining at the same time the temporal period of the 'Portuguese' cuisine between 1604 and 1900. Intelligently, appealing to an easily perceptible language, it paves the way for reflection between the selected and translated recipes, and the authenticity and perception of culinary reality. This is because although foreign cooks reveal a Portuguese authenticity, it is based not on the concept of tradition, but on creativity, making known their own interpretation in recipes.

Transmontano de gem born in Bragança, Virgílio Gomes is a well-known gastronomic Portuguese, with extensive published work, among which 'Treatise of Snack and the Great Wonders of National Cuisine'; 'Doces da Nossa Vida', 'Practical Dictionary of Portuguese Cuisine', 'Snacks and Ofry to Portuguese', 'Snacks of Rio and the Sea', 'Snacks of Sugar and Honey', among others. He teaches food history, participates as a speaker in various lectures and writes regularly on his website He is also a researcher in the PROJECT DIATA – Food Parimónio da Lusofonia'.