Vindimas ao Rubro

The time comes for harvests and producers are beginning to promote their programmes to wine connoisseurs. If you haven't tried it, you have to. And anyone who's ever done it gets hooked. The Enotourism is pumping!

I often say that, a Portuguese, it necessarily has to have something to do with wine. Either because someone in the family, friend or acquaintance, is dedicated to wine (or dedica), or simply because he is a good wine connoisseur. The wine culture is very rooted in the life of the Portuguese and for this reason it is not surprising that there is a real race to harvest when it reaches its time, for all who somehow want to revive or know more closely the route that wine has from the vineyard to the glass.  

Thus, at the request of several families, I have gathered several programs that have come to my hands, the result of the dissemination of several national producers, thus giving the opportunity that everyone can enjoy this activity so sought after and that offers unique moments of conviviality and learning. Here are the suggestions:

Quinta de Santa Cristina (vinho Verde)

Quinta de Santa Cristina prepared a special program for the period from 1 to 19 September. The experience begins, at 10:30 am, with a welcome sparkling wine and delivery of the harvest kit (t-shirt, hat, scissors and water bottle). After participating in the harvest, tourists are invited to join a guided tour of the winery, followed by a regional picnic lunch. On the harvest days of Vinhão, they can step on the grapes in the lagares. The activity is scheduled to end at 15h and costs 45 euros per person. Information and reservations on 912 527 396 or

Quinta da Côrte (Douro)

Taking place throughout September, the vintages of this property offer all its participants a kit with the necessary tools to participate in the activity. In addition, it also has the opportunity to discover the cellars of the producer, whose traditional architecture remains, and that of red wines, which signs an audacious architectural gesture and, to participate in a guided tour, which includes the explanation of the great stages of the creation of the products, from the grape to the bottle. The program includes a short briefing before, a vintage kit with all the necessary utensils, a guided tour of the winery, lagarada and wine tasting. At the end, there is a regional lunch, with the products of the Quinta.Contacts:

Quinta de Ventozelo (Douro)

To celebrate the harvest season, Quinta de Ventozelo organizes a special program on September 24, dedicated to the art of wine production. From touring the vineyards, making the harvest, boarding a boat ride on the Douro River or tasting a lunch with regional flavors at warehouse 1840, Douro traditions will be queens on this feast day. Registration is limited to 40 participants, being open to guests of Ventozelo Hotel & Quinta, as well as to the general public.

This one-day programme is worth €90 per person (€40 children) and is subject to prior booking via email:

PROGRAM: Reception of participants with animation and delivery of Kit Vintage. Visit to the vineyard with guide Exit with Bedford transport to the plot to be harvested. Pause for 'Mata-bicho' in the vineyards (cod ball, onion broth, glass of wine). Traditional lunch at Warehouse1840. MENU: Sardinha de São João in escabeche, Tomato salad douro ox heart, Ventozelo olive oil, bread, olives. Blue Ventozelo Branco 2020 and Quinta de Ventozelo Malvasia 2020; Rancho Ventozelo Reserva Red 2019 and Quinta de Ventozelo Sousão 2021; Cheese and french toast of port port Quinta de Ventozelo Port Late Bottled Vintage 2014; Boat trip on the Douro River after lunch. End of the program.

Quinta da Gricha (Douro)

On the weekend of 10 and 11 September, Churchill's opens the door to the annual harvest at the emblematic Quinta da Gricha. The program includes a harvest day, with grape steps, wine tasting and lunch. Upon arriving at the farm, guests dress up in the Douro kit to harvest grapes with Churchill's viticulture team. Hard work calls for a mid-morning snack, followed by a tasting of Churchill's Port wines. The fun usually reaches its peak when guests join the team that will step on the grapes in the old granite mills, which date back to 1852. The program ends with a well-deserved lunch, served in the Instagramable Patio das Laranjeiras. The meal consists of three typical dishes of Portuguese gastronomy, accompanied by the elegant and fresh Douro wines of Churchill's, and ends with a very special Vintage Port. The price is 185€ per person, for groups of 12 per day, maximum.Reservations for four people will have a 10% discount. -Reservations can be made through the website or the email address: - Telm: 926 810 391

Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo (Douro)

Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo, which recently joined the luxury chain Relais & Châteaux, installs its guests in a typical 18th century family house, with a chapel at the door and a large and colorful bougainvillea painting the façade. It has 11 rooms overlooking the vineyard and the river. On a walk around the property you will cross over five kilometres with the old orchards and the old 18th-century wine cellar. In times of harvest, they challenge you to join the workers (250€ per person). This program, available on 10, 13 and 14 September, includes a visit to the vineyards with the cutting of grapes, wine tasting in the cellar and lunch with musical animation. Reservations: Quinta Nova (Covas do Douro). 254 730 430/ 969 860 - Email:

Quinta do Pôpa (Douro)

Located on the slope of Adorigo, Quinta do Pôpa proposes not one, but two programs: the 'Vindimas à do Pôpa - Special 90 years Vinhas Velhas', which takes place every Wednesday and Thursday of September; and "PôpaFriends Vintage 2022", an event that will take place on September 3rd. The first marks the 90th anniversary of one of the plots of Vinhas Velhas and gives wine tourists the possibility to learn the art of wine making. The experience begins with a visit to the winery and the weather room; followed by the grape cutting, if it is taking place during the visit to the vineyard; special taste Of Old Vineyards, in traditional harvest lunch; monitoring and participation of all processes in the cellar. This program has a value of 150 per person, for a minimum of two participants.

The second has the particularity of being exclusive to members of Pôpa Friends Wine Club, and all over 18 or 21 years, depending on their nationality, can do so: just access the site of Quinta do Pôpa and register. For information and reservations contact via email -

Quinta da Taboadella (Dão)

The Taboadella, located in Silvã de Cima, Sátão, Viseu, invites you to be part of the day-to-day harvest of Taboadella, in a true adventure to discover the customs of the Dão region. This activity, available during the cutting period at the harvest season, is the occasion to get involved in the harvest of grapes, experience winemaking and make a tasting of our wines. Experience Highlights: Delivery of harvest material (bucket and scissors); Grape picking in one of the vineyard plots; Visit to the Vineyard, Winery and Barrel Top Walk; Tasting Villae and picnic. Region. Registration: - Tel: +351 232 244 000 - Telm: +351 967 116 877

Company of Lezírias (Tagus)

Of the various possible programs to take place throughout the year at companhia das Lezírias, stand out those of the harvest season, where visitors can be part of a team for a day and harvest, step on foot in lagares and, finally, delight in the tasting of grape must and wines commented by winemakers.

The "Vintagefrom A to Z" program costs €50 and also includes a wine tasting and a picnic will be served. The program may also include a guided tour of the Catapereiro Winery. As a way to celebrate this moment, there will also be the possibility to book a personalized bottle with the wine obtained from this harvest, to be delivered next year.

Those who choose this experience during the week, there is also the possibility to participate in this activity by prior registration, for a group with a minimum of eight people. The experience is for all ages and is available until September 24, and reservation is required 72 hours in advance. Contacts: Phone: +351 263 650 600 - Mobile: +351 961 523 119 - E-mail:

Quinta São João Batista - Enoport Wines (Tagus)

Enoport Wines promotes the program 'A day in the harvest'. The program is on Saturday, September 3rd, at 10:00 am, in Quinta de São João Batista, the property that this producer has in the region of The Tagus Wines, with address in Brogueira, municipality of Torres Novas. On this day, all participants have the opportunity to put hands and feet on the grapes. The program begins with a brief explanation of what will happen and continues with a visit to one of the vineyards, where they are challenged to make the manual harvest. From the vineyard they go to the winery, where they can tread the grapes on foot and then to the cellar of barrels, one of the grandest in the region. The program ends with a picnic lunch in the garden of this emblematic and secular Quinta. In addition to the wines with seal Quinta S. João Batista, there will be space for other brands - always with tagus wine stamp - and for the tasting of grape must. Date: Saturday, September 3rd. Number of Participants: Up to 50 people. Price: €60.00 (17 years or more) and €25.00 (7 to 16 years). Contacts: 912 347 955 - or> - Address: Brogueira, 2350-052 Torres Novas

Quinta de Porto Nogueira - Casa Romana Vini (Lisbon)

Founded in 1738, in the first half of the 18th century, Quinta do Porto Nogueira was always in possession of the same family until the 20th century, when it was acquired by the current owners. For centuries, the main culture of Quinta do Porto Nogueira was the vineyard, now replaced and planted in its original terroirs, around the Houses and the Winery. The new wine tourism activities go through the experience of vintage in Quinta do Porto Nogueira, in the Tagus region. Visitors can experience the work in the Vineyard, as well as watch the whole process of choosing grapes at the entrance of the winery. All this while they are served by the staff, and you can enjoy a bike ride at the property, or even enjoy a sunbathing in the pool. The experience includes: 1 Overnight at our Romana Vini Hotel, with Breakfast included; Experience actively the work in the vineyard for approx. 30min + experience the process of choosing the best grape berries at the entrance of the cellar for approx. 30min (arrival day); Guided tour of the Winery and the Barricas Room; Commented tasting of 6 wines accompanied by a selection of cheeses and sausages; and Offer of 1 gift per guest.

After the acquisition of this experience the interested parties will be contacted by the Ecotourism Team to make the day, and should take place during the month of September. Max markings. per day: 10/12 people.- Price: € 420 (for every 2 people. More information:

Adega da Vidigueira, Cuba and Alvito (Alentejo)

During the month of September, Adega Vidigueira promotes a six-hour program with the right to visit the vineyards of the adega's members, a break for the 'bucha' – the traditional snack in the middle of the morning – and also to know the winemaking process.The activity ends with a lunch harmonized with the nectars of the members, at Casa das Talhas, and participants can also enjoy the offer of a bottle of wine per person. Address: Bairro Industrial 7960-305 Vidigueira - Price: €55 p.p. - Website:

José de Sousa Winery (Alentejo)

Already taking place and until September 18, Adega José de Sousa proposes a morning program of about two hours in which participants can participate in the activities taking place in adega nova and adega dos Potes.All those who want to know the wines and gastronomy of the region, will enjoy a lunch of typical Alentejo snacks, accompanied by José de Sousa wines. Those who do not want to have lunch can finish the morning with the tasting of three wines of the brand accompanied by sausages, cheese, bread and olive oil regional. Address: R. de Mourão 1 7200, Reguengos de Monsaraz - Price: From €28 p.p. (no lunch) or €58 p.p. (with lunch) - Website:

Rocim Winery (Alentejo)

Until September 4, visitors to Adega do Rocim will have the opportunity to get to know the harvest process daily and finish the experience with an Alentejo bushing composed of local products. Already on September 17, it is time to sing the harvest of Rocim, being able to join a celebration of the harvest packed by the Alentejo sing. The day begins with the visit to the vineyard to know the harvest process, followed by the visit to the winery and the typicalalentejo lunch harmonized with the wines of the rocim estate and, finally, it is time for the participants to make their own batch of wine with some harvests from previous years, living a day in the "skin" of the winemaker. Address: Estrada Nacional 387, 7940-909 Cuba - Price: Program with bushing - €35 p.p.; Program with alentejo singing - €80 p.p. - Website:

Casa Relvas (Alentejo)

Between August 20 and September 20, Casa Relvas opens its doors to welcome all those interested, to know the production process of its wines.The proposal invites a five-hour program, which includes a tour of the vineyard, the identification of grape varieties and sensory analysis of berries, grains and stifers, the manual harvest, foot steps and also the must-proof.Those who want to stay can also proceed to a lunch accompanied by wine tasting of the Estate.Address: S. Miguel de Machede, 7005-752 Évora - Price: €50 p.p. (no lunch) or €80 p.p. (with lunch) - Website:

Herdade do Sobroso - (Alentejo)

Herdade do Sobroso gives visitors the possibility to put manpower and participate in the harvest process. Later, there is a visit to the winery, where visitors will be entitled to a tasting commented by the winemaker of the estate and a tasting of traditional cheeses from alentejo.The program closes with a lunch consisting of five starters, main course, convent sweets, laminated fruit, tea, coffee and dumplings and wines Herdade do Sobroso.Address: Herdade do Sobroso, 7960-909 Vidigueira - Price: €85 p.p. or €195 p.p. (with accommodation in Herdade do Sobroso Boutique Hotel) - Website:

João Portugal Ramos - (Alentejo)

Starting on a visit to the viewpoint of the city, in this producer of Estremoz, visitors will have the opportunity to harvest and feel the terroir of the region. It follows the walking of the grapes in marble lagares and soon after a visit to the Cellar and Cellars. Finally, the visitor delights in a vintage lunch. Address: Adega Vila Santa, Estrada Nacional 4, 7100-149 Estremoz - Price: €75 p.p.  - Website:

Malhadinha Nova (Alentejo)

Herdade da Malhadinha Nova presents a special harvest program that can last two, three or five nights and that allows participants to follow the entire process of creating Malhadinha wines. The proposals for these days in Malhadinha range from themed dinners, visits to the property on vintage off-road, manual harvesting of grapes, at dawn, breakfast in the vineyard, wine therapy massage, grape treading, cooking workshop, the preparation of a lot of wine, experience of hot air balloon, tasting of musts, a special bath of vinotherapy, among many other initiatives that promise to make these days a unique experience. Address: Herdade da Malhadinha Nova, 7800-601 Albernoa - Price: For the 5-night experience, between €2 100 and €3 100 p.p.; 3 nights, between €1,300 and €1,900 p.p.; and 2 nights, between €780 and €1,180 p.p.. The indicated values include accommodation. - Website:

Quinta da Fonte Souto - (Alentejo)

Between 5 and 25 September, the visitor can take a guided tour of Quinta da Fonte do Souto, in Portalegre, count on a tour of the vineyard, tasting three distinct wines and participation in the harvest activities.For those who want to stay, they can also enjoy a picnic on the farm. Address: Quinta da Fonte Souto, Estrada de Alegrete, Reguengo and São Julião, 7300-404 - Price: €15 p.p. (no picnic) and €35 p.p. (with picnic) - Website:

Palma Tower - (Alentejo)

Respecting the Roman roots in Torre de Palma, the 'vinalia rustica' marks the beginning of the harvests in mid-August, as well as the beginning of the harvest program.In October, the program ended, celebrating the 'meditrinalia', the date on which the must is consecrated. During the weeks in which the harvest takes place, participants will be able to spend a day in the vineyard, participate in the harvest and, in the cellar, they will be able to learn more about the vineyards and grape varieties, choose the best grapes and taste the wines. If desired, participants can also have lunch or dinner at palma restaurant. Finally, ́ they offered a bottle of wine Torre de Palma Red BASILII as a souvenir of the vintages Morada: Herdade de Torre de Palma, 7450-250 - Price: €84 p.p. - Website: