Viniportugal launches online training

In view of the covid-19 pandemic currently experienced Viniportugal has launched an online training that aims to respond to the growing public interest in learning more about national wines and the different wine regions.

The training, entitled «Wines of Portugal Online Education Course', was launched on July 1st and is aimed at catering and retail professionals and consumers seeking to deepen technical knowledge about wines. Registration is free.

Available through the 'Wines of Portugal' website, this course challenges those interested to learn more about the diversity of the 14 wine regions through six educational modules, covering a variety of topics related to the sector, from history, wine regions, grape varieties, fortified and sparkling wines to the harmonization of food and wines and comparison of Portuguese varieties with foreign varieties.

In each module, information is provided to the participants on the theme of the session, followed by a questionnaire in which knowledge will be evaluated. You can proceed to the next module by having a utilization equal to or greater than 80% in this test. The course was designed to suit the desired pace and available time of each participant, being possible to download the contents for a more detailed study and resume the course later from where he was when he logged out of the session. At the end of the six modules, all participants receive the Wines of Portugal certificate, which attests to the successful completion of the training.

For the President of ViniPortugal, Frederico Falcão, "this online academy is a contribution of ViniPortugal to maintain and stimulate training and education on Wines of Portugal, benefiting from the added value of online platforms. Despite the exceptional moment we live in, we understand that there is opportunity and desire on the part of the different audiences to deepen the knowledge about terroirs, grape varieties and wines that we have and that make Portugal a unique wine producer. In addition to international promotion, this academy responds to ViniPortugal's purpose of contributing to the expansion of wine culture in our country", concludes the President of ViniPortugal.