We have the best

Days ago it was reported the appointment of Bento Amaral to 'Personality of the Year' in the USA by the prestigious American wine magazine Wine Enthusiast. This award – covering 15 categories – is awarded to personalities and companies that have contributed remarkably to the world of wine and other alcoholic beverages. I do not know of futurology, but for me and for all portuguese who know well their personality and their work, Bento Amaral has already won this or other titles that can give him, regardless of the publications or bodies that attribute them.

For those who do not work in the world of wines or do not know its history, Bento Amaral has a degree in Food Engineering and has been working since 1999 at the Institute of Port Wine (IVDP), where he currently assumes the functions of Director of Technical Services and Certification, a role he accumulates as professor at the Catholic University of Porto. Until now, everything normal, were benedict's 'little detail' not to be a person who, in addition to professional exile, intelligent, methodical and with a sensitivity to out-of-the-ordinary proof, is also someone who overcomes the obstacles of life in a remarkable way, revealing an inner force that not everyone can achieve. It is this force, combined with its way of being and being, that makes it admired by all who surround it.

Bento Amaral started the practice of sailing very young but, at the age of 25, an accident on the beach (it was projected by a wave and broke the spine) left him quadriplegic. However, this did not move him from new challenges. He began to practice adapted sailing, winning medals in competitions and winning the world championship held in San Felice Circo (Italy), as well as representing Portugal in the Paralympics.

This remarkable personality is also revealed in professional life. At IVDP he was Head of the Chamber of Tasters of Port Wine until 2013 and, from that date, he was appointed Director of Technical Services and Certification, the department that certifies douro and port wines, after analysis and tasting. Alongside these functions, he is also professor of Sensory Analysis in graduate studies of oenology at the Catholic University of Porto and has written a book called 'Survive', where he reports his life experience.

For all the work he has done in the world of wine, he was decorated in 2009 by the President of the Republic with the Order of Infante D. Henrique. He was also awarded 'Chevalier dans l'Ordre du Mérite agricole' in 2014 by the French Government for providing major services in the field of agriculture practice, in industries related to agri-food, and in public services, as well as for having committed to the development of cooperative relations with France in this area.

In fact, we don't need to be like this 'euphoric' just because Wine Enthusesth (only now) remembered to name it. It's just that Bento Amaral is already a winner. He's already won the award, regardless of whether he takes him home or not.