Wine and design, the perfect union

After having debuted the Cheers Wine Tote Bag, an original bag to carry a bottle of wine and two glasses, designer Eliana Tomaz has now launched the Cheers Wine Rack, another bag already designed for several bottles, with more divisions, with the functionality of transporting or simply storing the wine safely at home.

To be aware, from now on: Eliana Tomaz was born for design but also has the passion of wine. She is a convinced enophilic and likes to enjoy a good meal, with a good wine at the table, to discover aromas and palates. For this reason, he allied his wine passion with the profession and designed objects such as the Cheers Wine Tote Bag, a bag with design that he designed to safely carry a single bottle (for example, to take for a picnic). More recently, the Cheers Wine Rack, a bag where 3 bottles fit (which can be stacked) complements a collection that, in the future, may increase.

The idea of designing the new Wine Rack arose from the need to carry more than one bottle of wine in the bag, safely, and in style "in order to reject the plastic nets that shops and some wine cellars provide", says the designer. "I avoid disposable packaging to the fullest and I love to motivate, influence those around me to do the same. Grain-to-grain the environment thanks", he shoots.

For those who respect the environment, have deep-rooted senses of sustainability and invest in quality, the reason for choosing burel, one of its materials of choice, is logical. "The burel is a 100% fabric produced in wool, characteristic of serra da Estrela, resistant, thermal, and therefore perfect for the temperature of the wine does not fluctuate much, whether in transport or storage. Then because it folds well to walk in the shopping bag or the suitcase we use on a day-to-day life. It is a very resistant fabric and, of course, it is a national and sustainable raw material", explains Eliana Tomaz. Then, it is handmade, the cuts of the fabric are made so that there is zero waste, being an object thought to last a lifetime. "I hope it's one of those objects that we'll pass from hand to hand," he says hopefully.

For Eliana Tomaz, this is the ideal type of object for convinced oenophiles, whether amateurs or experts but who, in addition to wine, enjoy useful, innovative objects with their own design. This customer, according to your description, is not the one who accumulates many bottles at home. It's what you like to buy and drink, store them safely while you don't drink them, in a bag that can also be decorated. "Innovation is sometimes noted in simplicity, but also relevance of an object. The elegance that wine conveys must be accompanied by objects, also elegant. Like cheers wine tote bag, I hope to tailor the Wine Rack for wine brands and wine cellars", reveals Eliana Tomaz.

Eliana Tomaz began working in architecture and engineering in 1999. In 2001 he launched on his own remodeling and redesign homes and in 2005 he went to London to study at the University of the Arts in London. He graduated in Spatial Design at the renowned Central Saint Martins and worked in design and architecture workshops focused on public spaces such as hotels and offices. In the last 6 years has developed several design projects in parallel with its accessories brand Tomaz Design,