Wine is to share

JNcQuoi, in lisbon, launched in February last year a wine concept that goes through open a large bottle of wine every Friday to serve your Customers. The initiative has been a success. 

Last year, the CEO jncquoi restaurant launched the idea: every Friday open a great bottle of wine to serve its customers, and the size may vary between 6, 12 or 18 liters. Originality is in the fact that it is unusual to open this type of bottles, rare to find in restaurants, much less the Glass.  

Wine bottles made of glass only began to be produced after the discovery of the Blow. Discovered in Syria in the 1st century BC, this technique allowed the manufacture of hollow glasses such as glasses, pots and bottles.  The most traditional and common bottles worldwide are 0.75 cl, but there are others with different sizes that can go up to 30 liters. The advantage of being great is that wines stored in larger bottles age more slowly, as air present inside the bottle is proportionally lower in relation to the volume of the wine.

At JNcQuoi, every Friday, bottles of different sizes are opened, depending on the producer served this week, which can be Portuguese or abroad. The 6-liter (called Imperiale or Methuselah) and 12-liter (Balthazar) are the most common, but 18-litre bottles (Melchior) have also been opened. "We have already opened, for example, bottles of Sassicaia da Tenuta de San Guido (Tuscany), or Château Margaux (Bordeaux), both 6 litres. Or an 18-liter bottle of Quinta do Monte d'Oiro Reserva. It depends a lot on the bottles that producers have, but something in common among all is that wine has to be of great quality", says Miguel Ribeiro, belonging to the team of sommeliers of the restaurant, composed also by Francisco Oliveira, Diogo Yebra and Matilde Martins.

Sommeliers Miguel Ribeiro and Matilde Martins with bottles that have already been served during the initiative at jncquoi restaurant, signed by customers

The idea is always, according to the sommelier, "surprise the customer, and allow many of them to taste a special wine by glass, without forcing him to have to buy a bottle of 0.75cl that is usually very expensive".  However, there is also the reverse of the medal: "There are people who are so excited, they want to buy the bottle just for them, despite being expensive. But we do not want to do this, because that would distort the concept of sharing." According to Miguel Ribeiro, one of the most successful Portuguese wines was Quinta do Crasto Vinhas Velhas: "The maximum we could sell on a Friday were 3 bottles of 12 liters each!", the sommelier ends. A pioneer in this concept in Portugal, JNcQuoi promises to continue the initiative, so that more and more customers can enjoy wines of reference to glass.   

Situated in the Tivoli theatre building, in the middle of Avenida da Liberdade, and belonging to the Amorim Luxury Group, JNcQuoi is a very complete space, with the restaurant on the first floor, and on the lower floor a deli bar (with a more relaxed letter than that of the restaurant) , a wine cellar, a gourmet space and a bookstore.  The architecture and decoration of the restaurant was in charge of the Catalan architect Lázaro Rosa-Violán, who kept the frescoes already existing on the walls but added furniture, objects and details that make the difference, such as the real-scale replica of a dinosaur velociraptor, who has already become the icon of space.

The restaurant's decoration was in charge of Catalan architect Lázaro Rosa-Violán

The letter is signed by the chief Portuguese António Bóia, and privileges the classic Portuguese dishes and sophisticated internationals, but always with period products and many of them Biological. The wine list is very complete, with more than 500 references, focused on good national brands, but also foreign.