Wine in convent

Founded in 1847, the Association Of Our Lady Of The Afflicted works in the former convent of the Cardaes, in Lisbon. During the Christmas season organizes a solidarity brunch where wines from renowned producers and wineartists from various national regions will be served.  

I don't know if you know the work of this institution, which works miracles. There a team of Dominican Sisters, techniques, auxiliaries and volunteers - directed by by 'super sister' Ana Vieira takes care of 35 young and adult, poor, abandoned and marginalized, who found in this association their family.

At Christmas time, until December 15, the convent organizes brunch at the weekend, between 12:00 and 3:00 p.m., where enophiles can already enjoy United Wine Women wines. At the same time, it runs from 12:00 to 7:00 pm a Christmas sale. Finally, those who can't come to brunch can have lunch from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm!  The recipe collected by the consumption of these wines, at the time of brunch and snack, will revert in favor of this institution. Be sure to go to contribute to this cause.

Das UWW are part: Ana Rola (Quinta de Remostias), Antonina Barbosa and Donzília Copeto (Roullier Group and João Portugal Ramos), Catarina Penelas (Quinta do Vallado), Catarina Vieira (Herdade do Rocim), Cátia Barbeta (Quinta do Vallado Crasto), Filipa Pizarro (PR Services of Oenology), Francisca Vanzeller and Joana Pinhão (Quinta Vale D. Maria), Ivone Ribeiro (Garage Wines), Joana Santiago (Quinta de Santiago); Joana Silva Lopes (Quinta do Casal Branco), Lígia Santos (Paths Cruzados), Mafalda Vasques (Herdade dos Grous), Mária Rocha (Estate of the Rock) Maria Serpa Pimentel (Quinta da Pacheca), Martta Simões (Quinta da Alorna), Patrícia Peixoto (Casa Santa Vitória), Rita Marques (Concept Wines), Rita Nabeiro (Adega Mayor); Rita Soares (Herdade da Malhadinha), Sandra Alves (Herdade do Esporão), Sandra Tavares (Wine & Soul), Sofia Prazeres (Quinta de São José) and Susana Esteban (Susana Esteban). Thank you all for contributing once again to this cause.