Wine marketing at Era Mobile

A useful book for producers, distribution professionals, and even wine lovers, to understand the behind-the-scenes wine marketing.

Those who are aware of the release of new wine books know well that most are made by experts in this matter, be they university professors, sommeliers or journalists specialized, but rarely arises a book written by other people who can give a perspective out of the box. This is one of these books and is called Wine Marketing in the Mobile Age.

José S. Majó de Oliveira, the author, is a good wine connoisseur but, above all, a person who spent 25 years of his life in the retail area. He has performed the most varied functions, from operations in convenience stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets, to the launch of private credit cards, through financial directions, purchasing center, technique, development and control of Management. It is therefore very inside marketing directed to the most diverse products, and in particular to the wine for which it is passionate. "with the technological advancement of the internet, smarphones, and very soon artificial intelligence, the whole marketing paradigm is changing rapidly and trends point to a new reality completely different from what wine professionals were used to it. These professionals must strive to adapt quickly to these new realities and the constant changes that are emerging every day", says José S. Majó de Oliveira.

The author also says others Truths. For him, in most cases, the producer knows very well his came, its grapes, the production process and the quality of its wine, but then you don't know how to put it on the consumer's table. And the wine turns out to be appreciated with family and friends, from some of his acquaintances' restaurants, but it doesn't go any further because the producer doesn't know how to drain his production Annual. « This small publication is intended to give some lights to the small producers in relation to marketing in these times of constant technological revolution, namely what they can do to improve their penetration and the placing of your wine on the market extraordinarily competitive and completely saturated," says the author, also shooting: "You can also help some professionals in the wine distribution chain to systematize their interactions with producers in the continuous search for increase in its market share. It can also help lovers and curious people of the wine to have a little view of the behind-the-scenes wine and trends future years'.