Adega Mãe celebrates 10 years and renews image

Ten years after the official inauguration and the launch of the first wine on the market, AdegaMãe renews its identity and reinforces the markedly Atlantic genesis. Strengthening the Dory brand and investing in a new range of wines (parcel) are already projects taking steps towards the future.

Time runs by. When at the end of 2011, producer Bernardo Alves inaugurated the new family project – Adega Mãe – located in Quinta da Archeira, in Torres Vedras (Lisbon region), he certainly never imagined the success that his winery would come to conquer. Ten years past, it has not only become a reference in wine production, but also in the wine tourism sector, which has been growing exponentially.

To celebrate the date, Adega Mãe recently presented the renewal of the image, a global rebrandig with presentation of a new brand logo and new labels, which was in charge of one of the most recognized design ateliers by the wine sector - the M&A Creative Agency. In addition, it also announced the strengthening of the Dory brand and some installment wines that make known the maturity of the project through the launch of limited productions. The renewal of the brand image thus values the Atlantic identity influenced by the sea, located a few kilometers from the property, which defines and inspires the entire project.  

Adega Mãe is born in the founding family of the Riberalves Group and the main brand – Dory – appears, from the outset, as a tribute to the Portuguese heritage of cod fishing. That is why, in this image renewal, Dory wines take on a special role. In addition to the Dory brand, the extensive range also brings to the image strong references to the inspiration of the ocean, always translating the fundamental attributes that are the pillar of the project: freshness and elegance.

The cod fishing was done in small boats, the Dori. The vessel continues to be the inspiration for the renewal of the brand

"This is a very special moment for us, which ends up translating all the dynamics and demand associated with the project. We have achieved a lot in 10 years, but we seek to continue to contribute, in the best way, to the affirmation of the Lisbon Wine Region, as a differentiating region, of quality and excellence. Our Atlantic wines are increasingly sought after by the market and all the work developed, at the level of the product, image and communication, can only be welcomed", says the CEO of AdegaMãe, Bernardo Alves (right in the entrance photo with winemaker Diogo Lopes).

"It is certainly a pride to be part of this project from the beginning and to have witnessed this journey. Now it is to continue working to maintain the level of quality achieved", said Diogo Lopes, the winemaker at Adega Mãe.

The emergence of new references also marks this commemorative moment, the result of the maturity achieved and the path of experimentation developed by viticulture and oenology over a decade. They are the wines of plot, a new range that arises to surprise. This new category comes to group very particular expressions of the terroir of Adega Mãe, from the outset, the AdegaMãe Vinhas Velhas, a 100% vital wine, of vineyards located on a slope in the middle of the Serra de Montejunto, already launched on the market. Soon, two other wines will be released, one from the Viosinho grape variety and another from Pinot Noir, of very special plots.

Mãe Winery

Regarding the rest of adega mãe's range, Reserva wines will now be designated with the Adega Mãe Reserva brand, in clear appreciation of wines submitted to the best winemaking and internship processes. Among the novelties, there are also two wines for exclusive distribution in the online and physical stores of Adega Mãe (Adega Mãe Castelão and Adega Mãe Vinha Experimental), enhancing their own sales channels. The entry brand pinta negra range was also totally renewed, growing still for new references (Reserve, Sparkling wine and cans).

View the new Dory brand video here: