Adega Mãe launches novelties

The classic label of adega mãe, dory colheita branco, presents a new blend, tempered by the freshness and aromatic load of the Sauvignon Blanc variety. The market also presents a special edition: the monocasta Adega Mãe Riesling 2015 late release.

First launched in 2011, the Dory White Crop has always stood out for its fresh, mineral and elegant profile. Anticipating the hottest days of the year, it now presents itself with a new batch, highlighting its Atlantic /saline influence, now seasoned with the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety (which now joins Viosinho, Alvarinho and Arinto).  

The range of whites of Adega Mãe is updated with this well-known label of the house, but surprises with another novelty, born following the experimentation around the various national and international varieties. Thus, the Adega Mãe Riesling 2015 also comes to market. A late release, with five years of evolution in bottle, merging the freshness and complexity so particular of this variety, also interpreted in the Atlantic terroir of Western Portugal.

Diogo Lopes, winemaker of Adega Mãe (in the entrance photo, left, next to Bernardo Alves, the owner) frames the novelties: "Thanks to the discreet presence of Sauvignon Blanc, to the detriment of Viognier, the Dory Branco further highlights its freshness and aromatic load. This is a profile of great consistency for a wine that we are very proud of, because it has become an icon of its segment integrating very seductively the attributes that define our Atlantic terroir: such freshness, minerality to those saline notes so characteristic of our region", he says, to analyze the Mother Riesling Cellar 2015: "It is the result of the experimentation work we have done around the main varieties. With this Riesling we explore a more complex profile, thanks to the time of evolution in bottle. The main attributes of the grape variety are present, from the outset, a very particular acidity, in a wine that proves to be very special".


AdegaMãe is born from the riberalves Group's investment in a new business area and emerges as a tribute of the Alves family to its matriarch, Manuela Alves. The concept of 'Mother' is also the inspiration for a space of birth, of creation, in which it is intended to enhance the best grapes and give birth to the best wines.  

Located in the Municipality of Torres and dedicated to the production of wines with very own characteristics, thanks to the proximity of the sea and influence of the Atlantic Climate, adega Mãe is also a reference for the wine tourism of the Lisbon Region, standing out for its unique architecture and for all the activities developed around the vineyard and wine.

 Being a company of the Riberalves Group, the Dory brand (inspired by the Doris, vessels formerly used by the Portuguese in cod fishing) represents the main range of wines marketed. After the first harvest, held in 2010, Adega Mãe has been reaping recognition in the national and international market, where it channels 70% of its production.

 Named Company of the Year in the wine sector, in 2015, Adega Mãe produces 1.5 million bottles.