Wines expressing terroir

Adega Mãe launched recently the new harvests from its top of the range - Terroir - in the white and red.

   However other wines were born, including the Adega Mãe Terroir red (launched in 2013) and white (first released in 2013 and later in 2014). These wines are only launched in special years, and all bottles are numbered. This year the harvests of Terroir red 2015 and Terroir branco 2016 were launched.

With an edition of only 3274 (Red) and 1761 (White) bottles, the new Adega Mãe Terroir are coming to the market, fulfilling a return only possible thanks to the meeting of the perfect conditions, between the evolution in the vineyard and in the cellar. According to winemaker Diogo Lopes (who shares with Anselmo Mendes the oenological responsibility of Adega Mãe) these are wines that are imposed by itself: "We seek, of course, the best expression of the varieties and plots that stand out over the years but, in the end, we select the barrel the wines that by their complexity and potential clearly surprise us. Therefore, in these wines, rather than referring lots or varieties, it makes more sense to speak in the best expression that the terroir provides us. That's how we get to this unique number of bottles. No more, no less, because the wine is in charge."

The Mother Terroir Winery Red 2015 is born of what was, in global terms, the best red harvest held at Adega Mãe. 'Following a year of very balanced, providing high quality grapes, we had as a result of a wine of great elegance, proving that, in the terroir of Lisbon, also are born amazing reds," says Diogo Lopes. The new AdegaMãe Terroir White 2016 results from a selection of barrels with 100% identity wines national level, which stood out for complexity, integrating freshness, minerality and salinity so characteristic of the terroir AdegaMãe. «It's a wine very unique and, in line with previous editions, we believe that enters the lot of the great whites of Portugal", shoots the winemaker