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Wines with soul

Wine & Soul was founded in 2001 by wineloincouple Sandra Tavares da Silva and Jorge Serôdio Borges, who for several years have invested in the purchase of old vineyards and properties in the Pinhão River valley. Eighteen years later reveal the work done since then.

There are no people who do not know Sandra Tavares and Jorge Serôdio Borges, one of the hottest couples in the world of wine. Both winemakers have created a company that makes known some of the best douro wines. Since the beginning of the family project, the idea has been created by wines that express the full character of the vineyards and indigenous varieties of the region, seeking the balance of their elements. Well-known brands produced by Wine & Soul such as Guru, Pintas or Quinta da Manoella are good examples of a modern Douro where the nature and personality of each vineyard speak louder.

Over the past few years, eighteen years, much has changed in the world of wine, trends and habits of consumption, but never the quality of the wines produced by this company. To show the work done in recent years, Sandra Tavares and Jorge Serôdio organized a tasting at the Solar dos Hams restaurant in Lisbon, where he proved the seriousness and passion they both put into their work.

When the couple met in 1999, she working at Quinta Vale D. Maria; and he working as dirk niepoort's assistant, certainly did not imagine that one day they would create together wine that today are already emblematic. But when they got married, they already had willingness to make wines together, and for that reason they founded Wine & Soul in 2001, even taking into account the risk they were taking. They started by buying grapes in Mendiz Valley, in the Douro, in an area where there are many old vineyards, a bet that only gave good results. At the time, those grapes of great concentration, were sold to large houses of port wine, but Sandra and Jorge wanted a lot taste that great table wines could also be produced from there. Bought then a warehouse, where the first cellar ran, and a few times later also began to buy old vineyards, an investment they maintain to this day, especially in the Pinhão valley.

Powerful proof

The Wine & Soul wine tasting included the white Manoella and Guru, both from 2018; followed by the reds Manoela, Manoella Vinhas Velhas, Pintas Character and Pintas, all of 2017. The race ended with a Vintage Port 2007.

In this test, in addition to the quality of wines, stories were told that helped illustrate the passion of that Sandra and Jorge feel for the Douro and its wines. Like the story of Quinta da Manoella, in the Pinhão Valley, a property belonging to the family of Jorge for several generations, with old vineyards and a spontaneous forest stunning, as it makes a point of stating Sandra. This farm with 60 hectares, of which 20 are vineyard, is therefore very special for the couple of winemakers, who eventually bought it from Jorge's family in 2009. Its location and climate moist gives wines a unique freshness, giving them a profile of elegance unusual in the Douro region. One of the wines to stand out in the tasting was the Quinta da Manoella Vinhas Velhas, elaborated - as its name implies - with grapes of an almost abandoned old vineyard, but that Sandra and Jorge recovered. With an expression of evident fruit and minerality, it is a complex wine but of silky, fine tannins with a freshness that gives you a lot of elegance.

Another story special is that of the red wine Pintas, which besides being the name of the dog they had in the height, also translates the will that Sandra and Jorge had to make a wine Together. Thus was born pintas, the first project of this tireless duo, and today one of the douro's reference wines. Complex, dense, a beard red that shows well the power of the Douro, but always with excellent freshness. Such like the Guru, who though white, is also drawn up with old vineyards, and has a enormous complexity. Produced since 2004, reveals the desire that both had to show that the Douro could also be a region of large whites. They then searched old vineyards in higher areas and eventually found various plots, both in granite soils and shale, which ended up determine a very interesting and differentiating wine profile.

By the carriage floor, Jorge and Sandra will continue to surprise, even more now, that Jorge Serôdio ceased to be a consultant at Quinta do Passadouro – to which he devoted for years much of its time -- in order to be able to pay even more attention to the project Family.