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With Olive Oils

Anyone who knows chef Vítor sobral knows that olive oil has always been an inescapable element in your dishes. Author of several cookbooks, arises now with a new work dedicated to this noble product, so Portuguese. 

It is not today that sees Vítor Sobral defending the use of olive oil in the kitchen. Not just for your excellent flavor, as well as its great health benefits. That's not why to be surprised that the boss is again 'With the Olive Oils', that is, launched a book with this name that pays homage to olive oil and, at the same time, goes to the meeting the palate of those who enjoy tasty and healthy food.  

Obviously, it's a book revenues. But in addition to having more than 130 varied recipes (Crus and marinated, Eggs and salads, Snacks and preserves, Scabies, Soups and broths, Pisces and seafood, Meat, Sauces and seasonings and Desserts) also has other advantages Teaching. The chef guides us through the world of olive oil, telling a little of his history, in Portugal and in the world, as the cultivation of the olive tree is done, the and the types of extraction (traditional and modern), as well as speaks of the by-products of olive oil.

Another chapter is dedicated to the Quality and Variety of olive oil, where Vítor Sobral refers us to the types of olive oil, chemical proof, organoleptic proof, their defects, the blends and other distinctions. The packaging and labelling part is also a theme addressed in another chapter where there is talk about the care to be taken in the olive oil, its use in the restoration and also on the supply of olive oils Oliveira da Serra, a brand with whom the boss maintains a partnership for years and that supports this book.

Another subject addressed in this book clarifies doubts, misconceptions and curiosities about olive oil and, finally, as it could not fail to be, there is still a last chapter dedicated to nutrition, which explains some of the benefits in its consumption. The photographs of Nuno Correia, a photographer troughd in these gastronomy treats, further brighten the book, as well as the delicious preface of José Gouveia, the maximum reference of olive oil teaching and knowledge in Portugal.

Vítor Sobral was one of the pioneers of the new generation of chefs who began to innovate Portuguese gastronomy from the 1990s, and one of those who has spread our culinary tradition most around the world. Cook, teacher and gastronomy consultant, Sobral has more than 20 books as an author or co-author. Among the various career awards, he was awarded by the President of the Republic with the degree of Commander of the Order of Infante D. Henrique in 2006; he was awarded by mais alentejo magazine for Gastronomic Excellence and was awarded the Diploma of Gratitude by the City Council of São Paulo for the services provided to the community. He is a gastronomic consultant at TAP, Vista Alegre, Eugénio de Almeida Foundation, Silampos and Sovena, among other renowned brands.