Women to power

There are claw projects to be dealt with in Madeira, in the production of generous wine and table led by women's hands that promise to surprise lovers of demanding taste.  

Those who know the Agricultural Cooperative of Funchal (CAF), founded in 1951, know that there can find everything there a little, from fertilizers to machinery for agriculture. However, it was also lacking to develop the area of viticulture, one of the main activities of the island, an investment that ended up happening in 2012, with the realization of the first harvest and the production of a first fortified wine, prepared in a winery Holding. In 2013, already in its own facilities, CAF began to directly manage the vineyards of its suppliers in order to obtain better quality grapes. This is how, later that year, Madeira Vintners appears, with the first official harvest to be launched three years later.

Besides being the latest madeira wine company, Madeira vintners also stands out for being made up of an exclusively female team.  From the monitoring of winegrowers, to technical advice, to the process of control and selection, production and marketing, all the work is done women. The winemaker, Regina Pereira, entered the project in 2015 and reveals well the pride she feels in this team "where all surrender of body and soul and no detail is forgotten". According to us, another differentiating characteristic of these wines is to be less alcoholic (have 17 degrees ) compared to those of other Madeira wine companies (always above 19degrees), "thus trying to make known wines of greater elegance and freshness." The adventure has barely begun and the first wines have already been awarded in international competitions in Spain and France. Regina Pereira is Madeiran but took the agricultural engineering course in Évora, having worked on the continent with winemaker Paulo Laureano on several projects, and in Funchal, madeira wine company, and adega de São Vicente. For her, this is already a successful project, but still with a lot to show.

Diana Silva, creator of Ilha wines

Who is also in the sights is Diana Silva, a young wine producer of 33 years (the youngest of the island) graduated in tourism but with professional experience in the wine sector acquired alongside producers such as José Maria da Fonseca, Rui Reboredo Madeira , Paulo Laureano Vinus or Madeira Wine Company.  Without family traditions in this area, but being passionate about wines, she decided to invest everything she had in this project. To this end, he partnered with winegrowers in São Vicente, a parish north of the island where grapes are excellent to develop, and began to manage these vineyards in order to buy high quality raw material. The bet is on Tinta Negra, a scorned grape variety in the past for being widely used in the production of basic Madeira wines, but which today is giving cards, since it has great potential and is very versatile. In addition, Diana has the originality of producing table wines, something unheard of on the island, since the other producers of this style of wines have adopted some of the best known French and Portuguese varieties. Thus were born the wines of the island brand: a red of black paint, a rosé and a 'blanc de noirs' (a white ink), saline wines, fresh and distinct.

For Diana, this is her life project, "they are wines of passion, niche, who do not care about market rules". Limited production wines (are produced between 3500 and 4000 bottles of each wine) that are already being present in selected wine shops and restaurants and surprising by the difference.