Madeira invests in winetourism

With wine tourism, gain ing more and more strength at the national level, the autonomous region of Madeira launched projects in this area.

The Regional Secretariat Tourism and Culture of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, with the collaboration of a technical technique of this body of the Regional Government, and with the coordination of the journalist José Silva, developed intensive work during 2019, which culminated in the recent official presentation of the Madeira Wine Route.

Official partners of the Route are the IVBAM - Institute of Wines, Embroidery and Handicrafts of Madeira - and the municipalities where there are vineyards in the archipelago. They are partners of the Route all madeira's 19 wine producers and hotels, restaurants, wine bars and who soon wanted to join this Route, a total of 107 Partners. The basic conditions for belonging to the Route are: having at least two quiet wines and two fortified wines from the region; serve the wines to the recommended temperatures and serve wines in suitable cups.

IVBAM will be the responsible for training in this area, for partners wishing, without any cost, in calendar to match each one, develop more knowledge about these wines and their service. However, this training has already began and has already been delivered to each partner a seal of the Route, for identification of each establishment.

There is a website of the Route, which is inserted in the Portal Visite Madeira ( - button the and an application is being prepared, so that tourists visiting the archipelago can easily unload for your electronic devices and thus have all the information available on the Route.

In addition to this, it was also edited a rota brochure, on paper and as well as two videos in order to promote this area.  In the brochure you get to know the wines of the island madeira (fortified and transkilos), its diversity, curiosities, regions producers of the island, production techniques, service rules, harmonizations between wine and gastronomy, thematic events and programs and, of course, information of the adherents to the route.

The Regional Secretariat Tourism and Culture wants this Madeira Wine Route to be evolution, in many ways: with more partners joining the route in the future, increasingly providing the option of Madeira's wine service to consumers;  organize during the year 2020 various events in the archipelago with the participation of partners, for a better and greater dissemination of Madeira wines, its growing quality and variety; and disclose media and abroad on the Route and all its activities.