The most beautiful wine

It has a design atelier specialized in brands, labeling and packaging that revolutionized the world of wine by valuing the image of some of the best known Portuguese brands. It is also one of the most awarded professionals in this area at national and international level. For Rita Rivotti, founding Wine Branding & Design was part of a natural process. He graduated in Agricultural Engineering from UTAD, a master's degree in Marketing and Brand Management at ISCTE, and still holds grade 2 from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, one of the best schools in the world to train wines. However, his connection to the arts spoke louder and decided to bet on what is now one of the most recognized design companies working for wine (and beyond). Portugal is winning.  

As is that someone who takes agronomy opens a design agency dedicated to Wines? 
Despite being licensed in Engineering, I have always felt a great vocation for the arts and, as life takes many turns, I ended up in a profession where I put art every day to the wine marketing service and everything I learned at university. Just for being the best of both worlds. The image of a wine has the power to seduce and to determine your choice and also to influence the test itself. A wine you even know us better if you have an appealing image!

Have customers in all national regions? And internationally? Y
es, fortunately have had the opportunity to meet and work with producers of all regions, including azores and Madeira, which has greatly enriched our Work. However, we have been increasingly sought by customers international, mainly Spanish, such as the Marquis of Griñón, Arínzano and Berberana. Internationalization has been our main goal since 2018.

As do you have any preferred regions? No, I don
't have it! Right very difficult to choose a wine or a preferred region when talking about Portuguese wines. At present, there are very interesting wines in all Regions. What I really like is to drink a good wine explained by those who did it and know where he was born. It also greatly influences the test, it has another charm!

That Wine styles like it bes
t? I like all styles but I drink more white wines. They are lighter and fresher than reds and, on top of that, there is now a great diversity of whites at the national level. However, nothing compares to a very old Port... was lucky enough to prove sometimes Ports over 100 years old and I was absolutely amazed... it's unforgettable! 

That project would you like to do that you haven't done yet?
All. I live in constant restlessness, always looking to do more and Better. Each project is a new challenge, a blank page, it's as if it were the First. 

Like someday come to produce wines
? No. I am happy to support wine producers outside the cellar, a work I intend to continue to do for a long time. 

If could you give someone famous a wine, who would it be and what wine would you g
ive? I offered Tyto Alba to Leonardo DiCaprio for his fantastic work in the conservation of Planet. I'd like to prove that a simple bottle of wine can pass a very positive message and make a difference in our day-to-day life. (note: A Tower owl - Tyto Alba - is instrumental in protecting balance ecological of the vineyards, and Rita Rivotti idealized for the Company of Dairy a creative packaging for the wines named after this bird).

Do Portuguese producers value the image of their wines? Y
es, Portugal has a very good image today, one can see that at international fairs. The Pavilion of Portugal has nothing to do with what it was ten years ago and Portuguese wines have in general a beautiful and careful image. I am proud to have followed this evolution and contributed in part to this.

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