Osvaldo Amado, versatility and success

He is one of the best known, awarded and respected Portuguese winemakers. Trying to do more and better is the secret of your success. He is currently head of the Board of Oenology of Dão Sul/Global Wines and is still a consultant to other producers in various regions of the country. There are more than 30 years of career, having produced more than 400 million bottles and placed its signature on more than 200 labels in countries such as Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Italy and South Africa.

When you decided who wanted to be an winema
ker? I don't have any family tradition in the area. My coming from Angola for Portugal aimed to take the course of aviator pilot, but contingencies financial years forced me to change course. With the entry to the Agrarian School, I made the Course of Agrarian Technical Agent, followed by the Bachelor of Sciences of the Food and Nutrition, the viticulture and sensory analysis modules in Wines Graduate Studies in Oenology and a specialization in Commercial Management and Marketing. The personal interest was to work in the area of experimentation of phytopharmaceuticals but, as the large supply of internships in the region was in the area of after finishing my studies, I did not resist the invitations that appeared. Like this I started my journey through the fascinating world of wines.

Who went to themselves the masters in oenol
ogy? António Dias Cardoso, being one of the revolutionaries in the era in the production of wines in Portugal, associating research with the obtaining of of new wine styles.  Augusto Pereira for being one of the most understood in Enological Chemistry. And Domingos Moura, for having been one of the most experienced Portuguese winemakers in the production of Sparkling.

What is the wine that proved and impressed him more in life?
Every year I bring a lot of wines. I'm sure i can understand everyone from the least good to the excellent ones. Wines that marked me in a very positive way and that I retain in memory was a Bairrada from the 1980 Scan cellar. Regularly I have also drunk a Tawny Puddles Port of 1964 that has fascinated me.

What wine more Do you like to do it
?  Making wine is always a great satisfaction for me. Due to its difficulty in foresight, evolution, which forces me to very special concentration moments where my 'feeling' you have to be at your best. I have a special affection for sparkling wines and old spirits.

What wines would you like to do, what have you not yet done?
There are many regions left. I've made wines in Portugal, almost from north to south, and abroad, Spain, South Africa, Italy and Brazil. As a complement to this diversity of origins, I would like to travel to Australia, but mostly i liked to make a Madeira wine.

What wine you liked of drinking you haven't had? I
t's an almost impossible mission, I wish I had time to taste many, being that the effervescent wines, the champagnes me fascinate a lot. But it's never an effort when the challenge is to taste wines, regardless of their type and category.

What wine, and the what public figure(s) that admires liked to offer?  I wo
uld like to offer the House of Santar Dão Nobre Tinto to António Guterres, Valentino Rossi, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton. I would also like to give a Bairrada 2011 to Caetano Veloso and Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

It's going to stop at a desert island, what wine did you take on the boat and managed to save from the
wreck? All Bairrada 2011 harvest.

What's yours/ your favorite grape varieti
es? , Baga and Touriga Nacional are exceptional varieties, which in blend or in monovarietal always produce high quality wines. The Arinto grape variety is the one I admire most in the world for being transversal to producing wines of different Categories. It is possible to taste excellent white wines, wines of dessert and sparkling wines from the Arinto variety. The same occurs in baga varieties and Touriga Nacional, adding to the fact that they produce unique wines and, probably from the most longevity-hungry wines in the world.