Renegade by friends, disowned by family

Let's see. The truth is hard, but it has to be said. Not all people we like, whether they're from our circle of friends or family, they like of wine. Or not always those who like wine like all the wines. Worse: there are still those who say they like wine, they are said to be understood in the matter, but when we put a good wine ahead of him, they can't appreciate it.  

The story I'm about to tell you illustrates the day I realized i didn't worth wasting! That is, it is better to adapt the wine to the person who will drink, than offer the best we have at home to someone who doesn't know how to appreciate it.

She was still a girl in her early twenties discovering the world of wine and already gave in my first house matching dinners to friends and family members to test my knowledge. On one of these occasions, cooking for a group of uncles supposedly connoisseurs, I offered with one of the dishes of the tasting menu - the meat dish - two bottles of a top red wine of range, from an Alentejo producer that everyone appreciated. Conversation pulls conversation, cup pulls another glass, the red is over and I no longer had bottles of those to put on the table. I then went to the basement and noticed a bottle of red of it producer, but intermediate-range, who ended up saving me from the situation. Told immediately that that wine was of the same producer but was different, in the however, they would also like it because it was a quality wine. Only instead to realize that I was warning them that the wine was not so expressive and complex, perceived exactly the opposite and, as soon as they proved it, everyone untied to praise the red saying that I had kept the best for the purpose. That, yes, it was fantastic, it had been worth waiting for that surprise. I, of course, I got a yellow smile and didn't say anything else!

I woke up to life. So I had been giving my rich wine, from a producer XPTO, limited edition, in numbered bottles, which only came out in the better years, very charitable, to people who, as loved as they were, do not Did you know how to give you the proper value? How could a more round and smooth, fresh wine but with less structure, having stayed on the podium of the compliments?

That's that. We always want to give the best to those we like, but the truth is who don't always know how to appreciate it. And what to do on these occasions?  I know I run the risk of losing some friends and to be renegaded by half a family but there is no greater crime than giving a fantastic wine to those who do not understand it. Should we then give bad wines? Obviously not. Our less knowledgeable friends and family deserve quality wine but a less 'complicated' wine that will even give them greater Pleasure. Less complex, rounder, easier for the palate. We don't need to to offer that very special wine to show how much we like the Our.

In short: when people are not prepared to drink a good wine we should not give them. Taste buds is something that evolves and needs time to understand special wines. However, if on the other hand these people do not understand the wine but want to learn more, so then yes we have the door open to commit desvarios, give the best we have at home, and enthuse who wants to go further. But if it's not, it's better to keep the wine a little more time at the wine cellar and wait to open it at a next opportunity. A as it will certainly help you to be more spared and to keep the best wines for the right occasions. Who's a friend, who is it?